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Logistics management requires careful planning and implementation in order to effectively deliver a product from a point of origin to its destination in order to meet the needs of the consumer. Because logistical mistakes can often be costly for all parties involved, it is important to analyze and optimize logistics systems. Simcad Pro's patented dynamic simulation technology allows users to create complex and intricate warehouses, manufacturing plants and transportation centers in order to encompass the full system, without the need to write code.

Using Simcad Pro allows managers, supervisors and other process management experts to perform analysis, detect delays in throughput, and generate real solutions to improve efficiency and productiveness. Users have the ability to collaborate with one another on the model, including annotations on the model at different spots with important information. Simcad Pro's patented dynamic simulation technology allows users to create "what-if" scenarios, virtually modify operations (increase staff, change the number of stations, modify product types, etc...) and then view the effects that changes have on the overall logistics system. Any changes to the model can be made "on-the-fly" while the simulation is still running, which allows users to immediately view changes and reduces the time spent working on and modifying the model.

By importing CAD layouts, the user can implement the correct distances and travel times into the model. Because of Simcad Pro's ability to interact with different software programs, such as Excel, past data can be integrated into the model to provide statically accurate information. 3D graphics allow the user to get a realistic visual representation of the system as a whole and how each process interacts with the rest of the system.

With the simulation model built, different parameters such as timing, capacity, resources, etc... can be imported from an external data source or input manually. As the model begins to run, the users are able to see exactly where backups are occurring and where changes to be implemented. The "Simulation Analysis Report" provides a quick analysis of the model to identify poorly performing areas for resources and processes. Simcad Pro allows users to interact freely with the model, generate data, make changes and view effects before implementing them in real life, saving time, energy and money for the company.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Simulator:

  • Importing CAD layouts automatically captures distances
  • Simcad Pro's dynamic multi-core simulation engine reduces the complexity of building interactive systems
  • Hovering capabilities allow the user to see information about each object
  • Visualization of bottlenecks show where improvements need to be made to increase throughput
  • Tracking and traceability of products throughout the entire supply chain
  • Decrease transport costs by choosing the optimal transportation and ensuring that delivery is on time
  • Choose the most efficient route within the facility for picking
  • Slotting optimization and how it changes or remains overtime
  • Collision avoidance of resources within the facility
  • Objects can be tracked using GPS, RFID, PLC/OPC and Barcodes
  • The use of imported historical data of pick, receiving and replenishment sequences
  • 3D visualization and graphics allow for thorough presentations
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