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The manufacturing environment is faced with many challenges that must be properly identified, analyzed and optimized prior to implementing any operational changes. Because of the integrated nature of manufacturing environments, each component has the ability and possibility of affecting another component within the system. Due to the high inter-connectivity of the system, special attention must be paid to possible changes and how these changes affect overall system productivity and functionality. With Simcad Pro> dynamic simulation, manufacturing operations have the ability to mitigate and reduce risk with the proper planning of processes prior to the implementation of changes.

Using Simcad Pro's patented dynamic simulation engine, managers, supervisors, and other process improvement experts can perform analysis, detect delays, and generate real solutions with ease. Because Simcad Pro does not require users to write code, builds can be built and changes can be made quickly and easily. The collaborative technology of Simcad Pro allows users to work on the model together, making changes, including notes and generating solutions together. Users can perform "what-if" scenarios, virtually modify the manufacturing operation (change staffing levels, capacities, timings, etc...) and immediately view the effects of such changes on the manufacturing system as a whole. Simcad Pro allows user to make changes "on-the-fly" while the simulation is still running, reducing the amount of time required to do analysis and come up with the best solutions to problems.

Simcad Pro allows users to import historical and live data into the model in order to generate accurate information. CAD layouts can be imported into the system and graphics can be placed on top of that. The CAD layout import ensures that travel distances are accurate and consistent. Users can design models in pure 3D or incorporate them through integrated Simcad Pro 3D tools to achieve superior analysis and improved visualization. Validate each flow using the "Object Follow" feature to provide a preview of the proposed flow from different perspectives.

With the model built, enable the Lean Analysis tools of Simcad Pro to display the Value Stream Map or Spaghetti diagram view of the operation. Using the graphs and analysis information the user can make informed and accurate decisions.


Advantages and Capabilities of Simcad Pro Simulator:

  • Show the current verses future state of manufacturing with the improvements
  • Import historical data to ensure mathematically accurate information
  • Generate lean metrics, analysis information such as OEE, utilization and availability
  • View the impact of process flow changes, equipment used
  • Simulation Analysis Report shows where bottlenecks are occurring and what is causing them
  • Line balancing and reordering information (i.e. KANBAN stationing)
  • Inventory analysis
    • Gantt charts for schedules
  • Show how labor verses automation will effect overall efficiency within the manufacturing process
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