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Simulation in the Cloud - Features & Capabilities

Simcad Cloud Simulation Software

By enabling simulation on the cloud users experience reduced cost of ownership including the elimination of IT support costs, expensive hardware purchases and upgrades, no more license management and software upgrade costs Simcad Cloud™ streamlines the simulation process and enables anyone with a web browser to design, analyze and optimize their operation. Supported industries include healthcare, supply chain, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and service based operations.
Simulation in the Cloud - Features & Capabilities
 Cloud Simulation:
  • Secure web interface and encrypted data set
  • Cloud based model animation and analysis
  • Upload custom images, spreadsheets, and databases
  • Download completed model packages to local systems
  • Share your cloud session in viewer only mode
  • Realtime Collaboration on model building and analysis
  • Convert models to a Viewer session for presentations
  • Browser independent, tablet compatible plug-in

 Cloud Simulation - Model Building:
  • Define Accurate Model Behavior in a no-code environment
  • Graphical User Interface does not generate code
  • Interactive Dynamic Simulation integration. Build, Validate, Analyze
  • Custom and pre defined model components, library objects, and smart modules
  • Support for discrete and continuous flow models
  • Full support for AGV, tuggers, conveyors, robots, material handling equipment
  • Resource support including resource sharing, shift definition, holidays, substitutes, and resource costing
  • Support for dynamic multi-level object containment and definition
  • Multi layer models and process grouping

 Cloud Visualization:
  • Dynamically created 2D animation
  • Support for most 2D image file formats
  • Value stream maps, network maps, and process maps
  • Built-in analysis customizable dashboards
  • Animation is a direct representation of the engine state
  • Object and process hover functionality for simplified tracking
  • Support for user interface extension

 Cloud Optimization:
  • Optimize the model while the simulation is running
  • General Heuristic optimizer
  • Work order/Schedule Optimizer
  • Load Leveling optimizer
  • Resource Optimizer
  • Dynamic-Interactive Optimizer

 Cloud Analysis:
  • Predefined metrics for all aspects of the model
  • Built-in predefined reports and custom reporting
  • Built-in scenario analysis
  • Full support for Monte Carlo simulation and analysis
  • Detailed time analysis and integrated graphs
  • Lean reports, spaghetti diagram, Value stream maps, efficiency reports
  • Schedule and Gantt chart generation
  • Build-in Flow Analysis

 Cloud Connectivity:
  • Built-in wizards to connect to Excel and Databases, no coding required
  • Import/export data while the simulation is running

 Cloud Extensibility:
  • Custom and pre-defined module loading
  • Integrated Visual Basic scripting engine