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automation modeling and simulation - automation simulation software

With Simcad Pro simulation software, the user can create a model of all assembly lines, processes, resources and objects to replicate the actual factory. Using the different analysis tools built into Simcad Pro simulation software, the user is able to identify possible shortcomings within the production line. Through “on-the-fly” modifications, different scenarios can be implemented and examined before the company spends time, money and manpower. Through Simcad Pro simulation software, multiple robots can be implemented and their interaction within the active conveyor system can be studied and dissected. Different scenarios, including possible downtime and mechanical failure can be put in place, in order to create the best possible plan of action.

  • Assign and modify resource schedules to improve efficiency
  • Include and adjust robots to see their effect on productivity
  • Run through different scenarios using real data from data imports to predict future occurrences
  • Create analysis reports and Gantt charts to validate changes made
  • View bottlenecks and deficiencies throughout the system and test different strategies to reduce them